HP-UFT 12.0 Automation

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HP-UFT 12.0 Automation

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HP-UFT 12.0 Automation
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Learn the fundamentals of HP-UFT Functional Automation

Market out there has plethora of automation tools, and HP-UFT had definitely captured a good portion. The origins goes back to Winner from Mercury, Inc. HP acquired Mercury, Inc. and later rename the product to HP-QTP. In 2012, the product was renamed to HP-UFT (Unified Functional Testing).

HP-UFT allows you to automate web based, and also the windows based application with minimum effort.

HP-UFT's GUI interface is user-friendly, and allows you to switch between simple-view and expert-view.

Since, HP-UFT uses VB scripting as a programming language, sky is the limit!!

The concepts in this course aids in learning other automation tools that are key-word driven (Eg. Test Complete).


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